FDL Humane Society Continues to Care for Dog Abandoned in Apartment Last Week

The Fond du Lac Humane Society continues to care for a
dog that was found abandoned in an apartment home last week. The dog, who the
shelter has named Achilles, was found over the Labor Day weekend by a neighbor
who had stopped by to mow the lawn and noticed movement inside the house.
Shelter Manager Renee Webb says they’ve been slowly bringing up the dog’s food
intake over the last week, which has so far been successful. “We still have him
on small feedings around the clock, but we were actually able to systematically
increase the amount and decrease the number of feedings – and he’s doing really
well with that,” she said. Webb tells us Achilles has gained four pounds in the
last week, which has allowed for shelter staff to add some additional
medication and treatments that they were not able to administer because of the
dog’s condition.


Meanwhile, the shelter is also caring for two puppies
that were being thrown into a retention pond last week Monday. Webb tells us
that those dogs continue to be treated for injuries and brusing that resulted
from being thrown into the pond.