FDL Humane Society Worked to Keep Pets Safe During Flooding

Humans weren’t the only ones affected by last week’s flooding in Fond du Lac, pets were also displaced from their homes as the waters rose and families were evacuated. Shelter Manager Renee Webb says the Humane Society was busy taking in pets as their owners were forced to leave their homes due to the high water. “We moved at least 100 animals through our building starting on Thursday and through and into the weekend,” Webb said. “It really was the staff meeting people that were being boated out of their homes, and carried in the scoops of backhoes – on street corners to get those animals to the shelter and get them to safety.” Webb says buses taking people to shelters were stopping at the humane society to drop pets off. She also thanks community groups that were busing people back home from shelter for stopping to pick the animals up at the Humane Society to reunite them with their owners.

Webb says, all things considered, their response to the event went very well. “I cannot give enough credit to, not only my staff, for one, but also a huge level of thanks for a lot of other Fond du Lac organizations. When crisis happens, it is unbelievable how many people pull together and work together,” she said. Webb reminds people that fundraising events like their bingo games or the recent Casino Night along with donations from the community is how the society is able to support the work they do. She invites people to donate online at their website or stop by the shelter on Triangle Road to make an in-person donation.