FDL Leaders Hear Feedback from Public on 2040 Comprehensive Plan

City of Fond du Lac leaders got feedback from the public on
the City’s 2040 Comprehensive Plan Tuesday night. The plan’s purpose is to
determine long-term community goals over the next 10-plus years, and establish
city policies and actions related to a number of different areas like transportation,
housing and economic development, among others. City Manager Joe Moore tells us
a lot of valuable feedback was provided at the meeting, and he says a number of
ideas they receive from the public will gain some traction in the overall plan.
“Over the next few weeks, I’m certain that we’re going to see momentum behind
certain kinds of ideas – where people tend to gravitate toward ‘we need to be
doing this’ – those then will get extra emphasis in the comprehensive plan
update,” Moore said. He adds that while no idea will be “discarded”, certain ideas
will “rise to the top” of the list of consideration.

The current comprehensive plan for the City was adopted in
2010, and state law requires the plan to be updated every 10 years. The timeline
has the final updated Comprehensive Plan released by Summer of 2020.

Residents are invited to take an online survey related to
the comprehensive plan. Click here to take that survey

To learn more about the plan itself, and more about public
input and other ways to let your voice be heard regarding the comprehensive
plan, click here.