FDL Looking At Lead Pipe Service Replacement Ordinance

The Fond du Lac City Council reached a consensus Wednesday night to take a look at creating an ordinance that would mandate replacement of lead pipe services for City water. Homeowners would be required to replace them during City street projects or during water main breaks. Public Works Director Jordan Skiff says they would like to replace 238 services over the next two years and a $300,000 Safe Drinking Water Loan would allow the City to cost share with homeowners. Skiff says they are expecting new requirements from the EPA, which would prohibit any lead in drinking water, but they don’t know how long cities would have to meet compliance. He estimates it would cost about $3,000 to replace lead pipes on a homeowner’s property and the City could pay about $1,260 of that with the property owner having to pay the remaining amount over 5 years. It would be assessed to their property taxes. Skiff will talk more about the proposed ordinance on the Morning Show at 11:35 this morning.