FDL Makes List Of Fastest Soaring Wages

A recent online article puts Fond du Lac among the top ten American Cities Where Wages Are Soaring. The report was posted on YahooFinance.com this past Monday. State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt tweeted about it the following day.  Fond du Lac ranked number four on the list.  According to the posting the 1 year wage growth for the City was 10.6 percent and the average weekly wage is $811. The post went on to say that Fond du Lac was one of just four metropolitan areas across the country where average weekly wages in the fourth quarter of 2012 rose more than 10% compared to the same time in 2011.  According to the report the manufacturing sector, which was the area’s largest employer, was also its largest growing sector during that period, with employment rising 5.2%. The three cities that ranked ahead of Fond du Lac on the list were Midland, Texas, Vero Beach, Florida and the San Francisco-Oakland, California area ranked 3, 2 and number one respectively.  To see more click here.