FDL Man Arrested For Shooting Incident

At approximately 11:45PM on Monday, November 17, 2014, City of Fond du Lac Police responded to the area of 427 W. Johnson Street for a report of shots fired in the parking lot of a business at that address. Upon arrival, officers determined that the individuals involved had immediately fled the scene.

Investigating officers and detectives quickly identified persons of interest and a suspect vehicle. Approximately one hour later, another officer, who was working a property crimes special operation in the southeast part of the city, observed a vehicle matching the suspect description stop in the 700 block of Crestview Lane, with several individuals exiting the vehicle and entering a residence. Several officers responded to the area, established a large perimeter to contain the vehicle, while two officers approached the area of the suspect vehicle on foot in an effort to determine if it was likely the vehicle being sought. Shortly thereafter, several individuals left that residence, got into two vehicles, one of which was the suspect vehicle, and left the area.

As those vehicles began to travel from the area, the two officers that were on foot coordinated with other City of Fond du Lac Police officers who were set up in the area on the containment perimeter. Those officers then coordinated and conducted two different high risk vehicle stops on those vehicles; the vehicles were stopped simultaneously, approximately 400 yards from one another, in the area of Pioneer Road and CTH V.

Several individuals were taken into custody without incident.

Through the ensuing investigation and questioning, one subject, a 20 year old Fond du Lac man did admit to firing a shot from a handgun. All other subjects involved were released from custody.

Another subject that was involved, a 20 year old Fond du Lac man, has been identified and questioned, and has stated that the suspect pointed a handgun at him and then pointed it in the air and fired it. 

Also, through continuing investigation, City of Fond du Lac Police have also recovered the handgun that is believed to have been used in the incident.

The incident is believed to be drug related.   

This latest incidence of street and drug related violence should serve as yet another reminder that we need our community, as a whole, to join us in taking a stronger stance in sending a very clear message that this type of violent behavior will not be tolerated here. Our police officers, detectives, and command staff members have done an extraordinary job in responding to and successfully investigating these crimes, and they obviously did so again last night. While most of our residents were safely in their homes and sleeping, we had some very brave, highly skilled, and incredibly dedicated members of the City of Fond du Lac Police Department working quickly and diligently to remove yet another very dangerous, gun toting criminal from our streets – and we couldn’t be more proud of them. Their success in the response and investigation of this incident was the result of some exceptional police work. But, the police are just one piece of a very complex societal puzzle. We need the community, at all levels, to join us in that effort. We need the citizens of our community to continue to report suspicious activity, especially suspected drug activity. We need our community leaders, at all levels, to help deliver that message that violent behavior will absolutely not be tolerated. Additionally, and of significant importance, we need the criminal justice system and our lawmakers to help send a very strong and clear message that this type of dangerous behavior will carry very serious consequences when committed in the State of Wisconsin and, most importantly, in our community.” – Chief Bill Lamb