FDL Man Dies After ATV Falls Through Ice on Lake Winnebago

A 55-year-old Fond du Lac man is dead after his ATV went
through the ice on the west side of Lake Winnebago Monday night. First
responders were called to the scene – located three tenths of a mile east of
Lakeshore Drive and Franklin Avenue – just before 9:30 last night after reports
of two ATV’s going through thin ice, which sent three people into the water. The
Fond du Lac County Sheriff’s Office says a group of people was traveling by ATV
along the west shore of the lake when the 55-year-old’s ATV went through the
ice. The second ATV, operated by a 23-year-old man from Fond du Lac and a
22-year-old female passenger from Brownsville was unable to stop and fell
through the ice right after. A rider on a third ATV was able to stop before
going into the hole.

The 23-year-old got the 22-year-old out of the water, but
was unsuccessful in removing the 55-year-old who had gone under water for a
period of time and was unconscious. Emergency responders were able to get both
men out of the water – and the 55-year-old was rushed to St. Agnes Hospital,
but was pronounced dead despite lifesaving efforts. The other man and woman who
fell through the ice were also taken to St. Agnes Hospital and were treated and