FDL Man In Custody After Threat at Restaurant

A 32 year old man from Fond du Lac is in jail after
reportedly trying to frame his co-worker with a threatening letter. Fond du Lac
Police say they were told by Applebee’s Corporate Headquarters Thursday that their HR
office received a threatening letter reportedly written by a 22 year old
employee of the Fond du Lac restaurant. The letter made references to the
employee having guns and threatening to shoot up the restaurant. The restaurant
was closed because of the threat and the 22 year old was questioned by police.
Authorities found out that a second employee, the 32 year old man, was the actual
author of the letter. Investigators spoke with him and he admitted to writing
the letter with the intent of framing his co-worker to get him in trouble with
the company. The 32 year old was arrested on charges of making terrorist
threats. He is being held in the Fond du Lac County Jail.