FDL Man Interested In Serving On City Council

Derek TerBeest of Fond du Lac was interested in serving on the Downtown Fond du Lac Exploratory Committee, but an incumbent Council member talked him into running for the City Council instead. TerBeest says he’s been interested in what is going on in the City. He says there are a lot of good things going on in Fond du Lac and he has watched the Council’s role in that. He knew Council President Lee Ann Lorrigan and talked to her about serving on the Exploratory Committee, but he says she asked him to make a stronger commitment to the City by running for Council. He says he gave it some thought before diving into it. He says he’s always been interested in politics, national, state and more recently local politics. TerBeest is one of four candidates running for the four open seats on the Council. The others are Lorrigan, Councilwoman Karyn Merkel, and Kay Miller who has run for the Council a couple of times.