FDL Man Involved In Walmart Standoff Charged

The 57-year-old Fond du Lac man who caused a disturbance in the Walmart parking lot last Wednesday has been charged. Bond was set at $3,500 cash when Eric Golemgeski made his initial appearance in Fond du Lac County Court Tuesday. He’s facing three felony and three misdemeanor charges. According to the criminal complaint an officer arriving on the scene noticed Golemgeski was very agitated and was sitting in his car yelling at someone on his phone. He also had a pistol in his right hand. At first he didn’t comply with officers, but eventually surrendered to them. Police found two handguns in the vehicle, a silver bullet casing that had been fired and a12 pack of beer. They also found a liquor bottle one stall away from the car. A breath test put Golemgeski’s blood alcohol level at more than two times the legal limit. Police found a dead seagull two stalls away for the vehicle. The bird had been shot, which was verified through video surveillance of the parking lot. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for June 9th.