FDL Man Placed On $200,000 Cash Bond

He allegedly attacked a health care professional while in the Dodge County Jail back in May. Now, a Fond du Lac man has been placed on a cash bond of $200,000 related to the incident. 32-year old Travis Bruemmer was in Dodge County Court Monday, facing charges stemming from the May 19 incident in the Dodge County Jail.

Bruemmer was charged with taking a hostage along with other charges, while he was serving a 14-day quarantine while in jail.

According to reports, Bruemmer is accused of attacking a health professional, and now faces felony charges of second degree recklessly endangering safety, strangulation and suffocation, battery by prisoner and substantial battery.

A preliminary hearing in the case is scheduled for July 22. Bruemmer could face up to 82 years in prison if convicted of the charges.