FDL Man Responsible For 2020 Shooting Headed To Prison

The May 21, 2020 shooting was, as Fond du Lac County District Attorney Toney described, “a brazen, violent crime.”

Toney was referring to the shooting that occurred at 11:02 a.m. that Friday morning on Bank St.

Judge Dale L. English sentenced Dammahum A. Gibson to a 7 years of initial prison and 8 years of extended supervision. Gibson was previously convicted on December 13, 2021 after pleading “no contest” to two counts of first degree reckless endangering safety with a dangerous weapon and two counts of misdemeanor bail jumping with a dangerous weapon.

Court documents state that Gibson shot twice at a man from his vehicle on May 21 in Fond du Lac. The two men were having an ongoing dispute.

In response, the man’s brother Vincent R. Riddle, 28, of Fond du Lac, fired 17 times at Gibson’s vehicle and two others that were with it.

A total of 19 were fired, 2 by Gibson. In a press release issued late Thursday, Toney said Gibson turned Fond du Lac ” into the Wild West. It destabilized our community and we will never tolerate it in society. I am grateful nobody was physically injured with multiple rounds striking vehicles and at least one of the bullets striking a neighborhood home.”

This case was investigated by the City of Fond du Lac Police Department and their investigation led to both shooters being identified, convicted, and sent to prison for their roles in this shooting.

The State faced challenges in this shooting because one of the lead investigators, former City of Fond du Lac Police Department Detective William Ledger, had significant Brady/Giglio issues leading the State to refuse to prosecute any future cases involving this former Detective.

The former detective’s issues led to in camera inspections by our courts and a special master being appointed to review his personal records and documents related to the criminal referral for his actions while he was a police officer. As the result, the Courts have ordered the disclosure of significant Brady/Giglio materials that had a directly related to the facts of this case and had an impact on this prosecution including:

1) Circumstances of the criminal referral related to mishandling of evidence and improper use of the TIME System,

2) Racial Bias,

3) Misogynistic content,

4) Mishandling of evidence,

5) Failure to turn over evidence/discovery directly related to this case, and

6) Other issues and circumstances related to the credibility of this former detective.

This was the second case in a week involving the former detective.

This case was prosecuted by District Attorney Eric Toney.