FDL Murder Suspect Willing To Settle For Husbands Cheating

The 39-year-old Fond du Lac woman suspected of killing her husband was willing to settle for his cheating ways as long as the two stayed together. The prosecution Monday played a video of an interview Fond du Lac Police Detective Steve Kaufman conducted with Eve Nance on November 20th of 2013. Tim Nance’s body hadn’t been found yet. Nance told Kaufman that in moving from Chicago to Fond du Lac, “I just wanted what was best for our family.” She talked about the issues the couple had and going through separations with Tim several times. Detective Kaufman said he asked her about the cheating and she said she didn’t like it, but she lived with it that, “She’d rather have a piece of Tim than none at all.” She also talked in the interview with Kaufman about both of them owning handguns. She’s suspected of shooting Tim Nance to death on November 1st of 2013. The trial continues today in Fond du Lac County Court.

Two Shots To The Head Killed FDL Murder Victim

Testimony in a Fond du Lac County murder trial Monday featured that of an associate medical examiner. Dr. Kristinza Giese, of the County Medical Examiner’s Office, testified about the fatal gunshot wounds Timothy Nance suffered to the head and the bullets’ trajectories. A Styrofoam head was used to spare the jury from having to see graphic photos from the autopsy. Dr. Giese said both shots were to the left side of the head. One shot was through the top of the head and the other from below the ear. Both bullets exited through the right cheek. Dr. Giese said there was no way of knowing, which shot came first. She said the gunshot wounds were the cause of Timothy Nance’s death.  She told the court she has done 50 or 60 autopsies involving gunshot wounds. Nance’s wife Eve is suspected of shooting him to death in their home on November 1st of 2013. Her trial continues today in Fond du Lac County Court.