FDL PD Assistant Chief Thiry Retiring After 27 Years of Service

The City of Fond du Lac Police Department will soon be
saying goodbye to Assistant Police Chief Steve Thiry next week as he retires
after 27 years of service to the city. Thiry began his career in 1992 as a
Police Officer, then was promoted up through the department – holding the ranks
of Sergeant, Lieutenant, Captain and eventually Assistant Chief of Police.
Thiry has held the Assistant Chief’s position since 2013, and has served as the
leader of the Administrative Branch, which put him in charge of several key
department functions, including personnel, hiring, training, budget and policy
development and implementation – among others. Over the last year, Thiry acted
as the department’s project manager for the Public Safety Training facility as
it was being designed, built and put into use.

A Retirement Open House and Flag Presentation for
Assistant Chief Thiry will be held Monday (July 8th) at Noon. The
Fond du Lac City Council will also recognize Thiry’s service to the City at
their meeting next week Wednesday, July 10th.

Captain Aaron Goldstein has been promoted to replace
Thiry as Assistant Chief.