FDL PD Earns Accreditation Status

It’s been a 3-year process, and now it has culminated in the City of Fond du Lac Police Department earning Accreditation Status from the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Accreditation Group. Chief of Police Bill Lamb says the process speaks volume about the Department, and the City of Fond du Lac. 

The final step in that process was a full assessment covering 3 days, back on November 12 through 14, and involved an examination of the Department’s policies, procedures, standards, training, administration, and operations. Following that assessment, a report was completed and submitted to the Accreditation Group’s Governing Board. 

The Board reviewed the assessment team’s report and found that the City of Fond du Lac Police Department was in one-hundred percent compliance. Chief Lamb took it a step further, saying they “knocked it out of the park.” 

The Accreditation voted unanimously to award accredited status to the Department, but it’s not a process many departments undertake. There are over 560 Departments in the state of Wisconsin. And only 38 have earned Accreditation status.  On Wednesday, February 26, 2020, a presentation will be made at the City Council meeting. That meeting is open to the public.