FDL PD Gets Donation From Drunk Busters Of America

The Fond du Lac Police Department’s presentations about the consequences of driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs got bolstered by a donation form Drunk Busters of America. Founder and owner Curt Kindschuh donated four differed drug and alcohol goggles and a pedal cart, and a texting while driving DVD and activity mat. Police Chief Bill Lamb says the equipment will help emphasize why you shouldn’t drive under the influence or when you are distracted. Crime Prevention Officer Erik Foster will use the equipment during community presentations, and prevention efforts at the Fond du Lac Schools, St. Mary’s Spring Academy, the DARE program, and the Boys and Girls Club. The donation has a value of $1,659. Drunk Busters of America is based in Brownsville. (In the photo left to right: Police Chief Bill Lamb, Officer Erik Foster, Community Service Officer Marcus Clapper, and Drunk Busters of America owner and founder Curt Kindschuh).