FDL PD Offering Tips to Prevent Stolen Vehicles, Property

One of Fond du Lac’s newest Police Officers is is
offering advice on keeping your belongings safe after a number of reports of
stolen property and stolen vehicles in the city.

West District Officer Brooke Mathes started her
Problem-Oriented Policing Strategies (POPS) Project, after taking a look at the
numbers of theft complaints in the district over the last year. She tells us
the district saw 15 stolen vehicle reports, and 36 reports of property stolen
from vehicles over the last year alone.

Mathes says the most important thing for people to
remember is to lock your car doors, whether at home, at work or at the store.
She also suggests removing any valuable items from inside your car, too. “By
leaving a laptop, or things like cigarettes or money in there and leaving it
unlocked, people are just going to see that, walk past and take it – and then
you’re not even going to know who did it,” Mathes said.

The Police Department also encourages people to be alert –
and to report any suspicious activity around cars and homes to police right