FDL PD Warn Residents Of Scams

FDL Police continue to warn residents to be cautious when it comes to making transactions online, or being threatened to make payments online. FDL PD was called out on different occasions Wednesday for online scams. The first call came Wednesday morning, from a 67-year old female, saying she had been contacted by Amazon, informing her that her account information had been used to order a phone. The female told police she had purchased gift cards for a man named David, and had given David the gift card info over the phone. The female told Police she was out $1000 as a result.

FDL Police Officers were also made aware of male resident, who informed them he was out over $1,300 to an unknown female, who had warned the man she would send out a video, unless money was paid. Police continue to warn residents to not give out any personal information online or over the phone, and do not give out gift card specifics either. If someone is asking you to purchase gift cards, on their behalf, or threatening to release photos or videos if they are not paid money, chances are it’s a scam.