FDL Plan Commission Recommends Denial Of Zoning Change Request

Owner-occupants of Scenic Ridge condominiums this week spoke against a proposal to rezone an undeveloped lot that would be used for additional parking for Lenz Truck Center. It happened during a Fond du Lac Plan Commission meeting. City Principal Planner Joellyn Dahlin says they spoke against a change in zoning and a comprehensive plan for the 3.7 acres of an unfinished condominium complex. She says they had concerns over land-use conflicts and quality of life issues. She says the plan isn’t much different from one that went before the plan commission last July, but was eventually withdrawn. She says parcel 2 has two partially constructed condominium buildings that were left unfinished for a number of years at the choice of the developer. She says most of that land is vacant and is the area that is proposed for rezoning. The plan commission is recommending that the City Council deny the zoning change request and change to the comprehensive plan. The Scenic Ridge condominium development is located on South Seymour Street north of the Lenz Truck dealership.