FDL Police Announce Results Of Special Enforcement In Lakeside Park

Fond du Lac Police have recently concluded a series of three different special enforcement operations in Lakeside Park. The operations, which were planned and coordinated by the Department’s Central District team of supervisors and officers, involved the use of plain clothes officers and unmarked squad cars, and were used to target unlawful and unruly behavior to help maintain the park’s very family friendly environment.

During these special enforcement operations, officers initiated 17 contacts; issuing 8 citations and 12 warnings. The violations ranged from traffic offenses, noise, disorderly behavior, and drug/alcohol violations.

In addition to these special enforcement operations, Central District officers have increased their patrol presence in the park, and the Police Department’s Auxiliary officers have also volunteered their time to help provide an added police presence in the park. The Police Department is encouraged that these efforts are helping to accomplish the goal of protecting the overall quality of life for visitors to the park; similar special enforcement operations were conducted during the summer of 2013 and, according to Central District supervisor LT Dave LeCaptain, officers noted much less unlawful activity this year.

Additional special enforcement operations and the department’s increased police presence will continue to be maintained. Residents and visitors to the park are strongly encouraged to notify police immediately of any unlawful, unruly or suspicious behavior that they observe.