FDL Police Arrest Two For Threat At High School


Two teenage boys have been arrested for leaving a note with a threat in a hallway at the Fond du Lac High School. Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says their school resource officers were able to develop information that helped them identify those who wrote and dropped the note. The note contained a reference to vulgar rap lyrics and made a threat about something that would happen at the school Thursday. He says it created panic and some parents probably kept their kids out of school even though there was an increased police presence. A 17-year-old and a 16-year-old are both facing charges for making terrorist threats; the younger teen was referred to juvenile authorities. Klein says there was no connection between that threat and threats that forced the closing of Oshkosh North and West High Schools Thursday. He says they hope the arrests send a message that making such threats won’t be tolerated.

Fond du Lac Police have arrested two Fond du Lac High School students connected with the threatening note found in the hallway of the school Wednesday. Police say the note made reference to some vulgar rap lyrics, along with a threat that was to take place Thursday at the school.  A 17-year old boy has been arrested on charges of making terroristic threats and is currently being held in the Fond du Lac County Jail.  A 16-year old boy has been arrested and referred to juvenile authorities for being party to the crime of making terroristic threats.  Investigators do not believe this incident is connected to school threats made in Oshkosh.   Police will continue to have an increased police presence in and around Fond du Lac High School.