FDL Police Budget Detailed For City Council

Fond du Lac Police Chief Bill Lamb talked about some capital improvement costs when he reviewed his department’s budget for the City Council this week. He says it will cost about $131,000 for squad car replacements, $87,000 for portable radio replacements, and $94,000 for a SWAT Mobile Crisis Negotiating Vehicle. But the big item is an evidence property room upgrade, which will be about $149,000. He says included in that cost is the replacement of doors, two work stations and more. He says they need a ventilation system for the room they store drugs and narcotics in; there is window work that has to be done, new storage lockers, a new security system, and they need some cold and freezer storage upgrades. Lamb says a public safety training center also remains a priority. He says they worked hard to bring in a fiscally responsible budget for 2018. He says there won’t be any major changes from the 2017 budget.  Lamb says overall the department had nearly 62,000 calls for service in 2016 and that number continues to climb.