FDL Police Central District

Geographically speaking the Central District is the smallest of the Fond du Lac Police Department’s three policing districts, but it is just as busy as the other two. Jon Gutzmann is the Central District Captain. He says the district goes from 9th Street north to Lakeside Park and is between Brooke Street and Park Avenue. It includes the downtown. He says they do bike patrols and make sure landlords and apartment residents are familiar and comfortable with their officers. He says they do a lot of walk throughs in the apartment complexes. Gutzmann says they also make sure officers frequently patrol Lakeside Park, by far the City’s largest park. He says on average they have an officer in the park 150 to 200 times a month. He says through their problem oriented policing program they have been pretty successful over the last three years in bringing down the number of reported crimes in the Central District.