FDL Police Detective Harbridge Honored With Proclamation

Fond du Lac Police Detective Jeff Harbridge was honored with a proclamation by the Fond du Lac City Council this week. He will be retiring on February 2nd after nearly 28 years with the department. He has had a number of roles with the department including 10 years as a SWAT team members and 26 years as a member of the Honor Guard Team. Harbridge told the Council he wouldn’t want to do any other job, he likes being a police officer. He said, “I just appreciate my co-workers being here, the City for recognizing my service. It has really been an honor.” Harbridge also served as the family liaison officer to the Birkholz family when Officer Craig Birkholz was shot and killed during a standoff in March of 2011. Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says Harbridge’s ability to get along with people has served him well. Klein said, “One of the things I always admire about you Jeff is your ability to connect with people and build relationships and to help the people you come into contact with.” Harbridge was presented with a copy of the proclamation and a key to the City.