FDL Police Detective Vandermolen Honored by State Assembly

Photo courtesy of Rep. Thiesfeldt

City of Fond du Lac Police Detective Camille Vandermolen
was honored by the Wisconsin State Assembly this week as part of their First
Responder of the Year awards. Vandermolen received the “Hometown Hero” award for
the 52nd Assembly District. She was nominated by both Police Chief
Bill Lamb and District Attorney Eric Toney for her work on an investigation
that ultimately led to a child predator being permanently removed from the
streets. State Representative Jeremy Thiesfeldt said Vandermolen is a “great
leader and role model in the Fond du Lac Community”, and that “we are proud of
her exceptional work in making the Fond du Lac community safer for all its
residents and in going above and beyond the call of duty in pursuing justice
for all the victims of her case.”