FDL Police Fireworks Safety Reminders

With the 4th of July holiday approaching we want to remind everyone that most types of fireworks are illegal in the City of Fond du Lac. The following are some simple guidelines that, if followed, will help to keep everyone safe and will prevent them from receiving citations for the illegal possession or use of fireworks.

  • First, please remember that any type of firework that flies, leaves the ground, or explodes, is illegal!

  • That would include firecrackers, roman candles, bottle rockets, and any other type of firework that flies, leaves the ground or explodes.

  • The permits that you may receive or buy from the fireworks stands are NOT legal fireworks user permits. The City of Fond du Lac does not recognize any permits not issued directly by the City Clerk’s Office. 


  • Fireworks such as snakes, sparklers, stationary cones and fountains, smoke bombs, caps, and others that do not fly, leave the ground, or explode, are legal to possess and use in the City of Fond du Lac.
  • Each year we receive a number of complaints about the use of illegal fireworks during the July 4th holiday season and, as this time of year now approaches, we are encouraging everyone to observe State Statutes and City Ordinances prohibiting the possession and use of illegal fireworks.
  • City of Fond du Lac Police Officers will be enforcing these laws and individuals found to be in possession of or using illegal fireworks will be subject to a $313.00 citation.
  • Of course, the use of legal fireworks can still be very dangerous and should be done only under the careful supervision of a responsible adult and under conditions where appropriate precautions are being used to prevent burns, fires, or other harm and injuries.

We would like to wish everyone a very safe and enjoyable 4th of July holiday. If your celebration will include the use of fireworks, make sure they are legal and, equally as important, please be respectful of your neighbors and help prevent noise related complaints.

~ END ~