FDL Police Handling an Increased Number of Stolen Vehicle Reports

Police in Fond du Lac are reporting a rise in the number of
stolen vehicles over the past few months. Officer Marcus Clapper says their
most frequent theft reports have come from gas station parking lots. “A lot of
times at gas stations, people think ‘I’m just going to run inside, I’ll be gone
for a minute’, and they leave their car running, their keys inside, doors unlocked,”
Clapper said. “They come back outside and then they realize that someone took
their car, because its an easy opportunity for someone that wants to take their
car.” Clapper says to use common sense and always turn off your car and lock the
doors no matter how fast your trip inside may be. If your car is stolen,
whether at a gas station, your home or another location, Clapper says to call 9-1-1
immediately and provide your license plate number or the make, model and color
of your car to dispatchers so Police can locate it.