FDL Police Notifying Public of Sex Offender Release

The Fond du Lac Police Department is notifying the public
of two sex offenders that will be released from prison and into the Fond du Lac
community this month. Isaac Johnson will be placed at 457 Thomas Street after
serving prison time for a conviction of Possession of Drug Paraphernalia in
2018. He was previously convicted in 1997 for two counts of Second-Degree
Sexual Assault of a Child and in 1995 for Sex with a Child Age 16 Years or Older.
Johnson is on extended supervision until June 2021.

John W. Nummerdor is also being placed at 457 Thomas Street,
on or around April 30th. Nummerdor is being released after serving
additional prison time for violations of his extended supervision. He was
previously released in December 2016 after serving time for First-Degree Sexual
Assault of a Child. He is on extended supervision until February of 2021.