FDL Police Officer Discharged From Department

Fond du Lac’s Police and Fire Commission have decided to fire a veteran police officer. The termination of Officer Curtis Beck’s employment with the department follows four months of hearings and deliberation. Beck was reinstated to duty earlier this year following a judge’s decision, but was immediately placed on administrative leave. Police Chief Bill Lamb brought six charges against Beck who called in sick, but was later seen playing in a softball game. The Commission found “just cause” standards were met on three of the charges stemming from the sick leave incident. In particular that had to do with conduct, dishonesty, and talking about the investigation though he was specifically ordered not to. The commission did not find enough evidence regarding false reporting for the sick leave or that he violated core values or the oath he took with the department. His dismissal from the department was immediate. Beck was one of four officers who were subjects of an internal investigation two years ago into alleged extramarital affairs. The other three are no longer with the department.