FDL Police Officer’s “POPS” Project Uses Social Media to Educate About Scams

A project started this month by a Fond du Lac Police
Officer is focused on using social media to educate the public about scams. Each
new officer in the City of Fond du Lac is required to take on a Problem
Oriented Policing Project – or POPS project – during their probationary year
with the department. Officer Joe Kurer explains that his idea for the project
came after responding to a number of calls from people who had fallen victim to
scammers and lost personal information or money. Kurer tells us the two main
goals of the project are to “educate the public on how this is being done – what
kind of information these scammers are looking for and how are they getting it –
and on the other side of that, what can be done to try and prevent someone from
being victimized,” Kurer said.

To help spread the word, the Police Department will be
posting on its Facebook page every Friday this month with information about a
different scam and the steps people can take to protect themselves from falling
victim to it. The department will also be posting additional resources on its
website for people to download and use.

See the first Facebook post in the series here

Visit the Police Department Website