FDL Police Respond To Shots Fired Report

The gunshots several Fond du Lac residents heard early Monday morning might actually have been fireworks going off. Fond du Lac Assistant Police Chief Steve Klein says he was awoken from a dead sleep hearing what he believed to be gunshots. Others heard them too in the area of Wakefield, Sammy Jo Circle and Old Pioneer Road in the southeastern portion of the City. Klein says their officers, County Sheriff’s deputies, and the State Patrol responded but found no evidence of gunshots. Later in the morning a Fond du Lac Police officer reported having heard “pops” about that time and looked out to see fireworks in the sky. A caller also told police they had heard bangs and also saw fireworks going up. The first report of shots heard was just before 2:30 a.m. and the caller told police they had heard 10 to 15 gunshots.