FDL Proactive In Trying To Reduce Phosphorus Levels In Wastewater

The City of Fond du Lac is doing everything it can now to reduce the levels of phosphorus in its wastewater before new standards kick in. Public Works Director Jordan Skiff says they aren’t sure when that will be, but it is expected the new standards may be 25 times more strict. He says by permit they are currently allowed to discharge 1 milligram of phosphorus per liter of treated wastewater into Lake Winnebago. He says what the DNR is looking at is .04 milligrams per liter. Skiff says they have been doing a lot of pilot programs at the Wastewater Treatment and Resource Recovery Facility to try and reduce phosphorus levels. He says they even tried algae to remove phosphorus and nitrogen. Skiff they also are looking at working with farmers and other property owners out in the watershed to improve water quality standards that way instead of what is just in the plant itself. The Fond du Lac City Council toured the facility last night.