FDL Public Library Set To Partially Reopen June 3rd

The downtown FDL Public Library located at 32 Sheboygan St., will open partially on Wednesday, June 3. The following conditions will be in place as of June 3:

Main Library downtown hours will be 9a-6p Monday through Friday, and 9a-4p Saturday, through June 30. A limited number of patrons will be allowed in the building at one time, with visits limited to one hour for materials-selection only. There will be no access to public computers, no loitering, no meetings and no one-on-one library services. Social
distancing is required; face masks strongly recommended. 
pickup continues and moves to Portland
during open hours. 
programming will be virtual through social  media and virtual meeting platforms;
the full June  schedule can be found at fdlpl.org, click “Calendar.”

June, the Idea Studio, FDLPL Express branch       Chapter 52 Bookstore, Langdon Divers Gallery and all Meeting rooms will be closed. 
can be returned fine-free through 6/30. It’s also noted that 
staff will wear masks and will follow a rigorous schedule of cleaning returned
materials and public-use areas. In addition, 
Reading at the Library will run June 1 to August 15. Online registration starts
June 1 at  fdlpl.org/summer2020. In-person registrations start June 3 when the
Main Library reopens.

“We will monitor conditions in the
community and the library closely,” said library Director Jon Mark Bolthouse.
“If they permit, we will consider adding services as the summer progresses.” 
For library information and news
updates, visit fdlpl.org or the library’s Facebook page @FDLPL.