FDL Public Works Budget for 2020 Includes More Money for Street Maintenance

The City of Fond du Lac’s Public Works budget for 2020
includes an increase in funding to take care of street maintenance projects
around the city. Public Works Director Jordan Skiff tells us the amount will
increase from $300-thousand dollars to about $650-thousand in the Capital
Improvement Plan for 2020. He says that increase is thanks to the ability to borrow
for certain projects. “A number of other projects that in the past we’ve paid
cash for, we’re now in the position to borrow money for those instead,” Skiff
said. “What we try to do is not borrow for a project if it’s not going to be
around for 10 years or more – otherwise you’re paying for that work after its
run its useful life.” Skiff says an example of a project they are now borrowing
for is a new seal put on top of a bridge. Those projects are expensive, but Skiff
says they are meant to last for longer than a decade. He adds that the extra
money should mean three-times as many chip sealing or overlay projects in a
year than are normally scheduled.