FDL Public Works Director Talks Johnson Street Closure

Drivers who use Johnson Street in Fond du Lac have been
forced to find an alternate route this week as a section of the busy road is
closed for maintenance. Fond du Lac Public Works Director Jordan Skiff says
crews are working to replace the brick crosswalks on Johnson Street that have
seen bricks coming out or heaving upward. “To replace those or repair those is
challenging.” Skiff said. “So we’re going to do one bigger project to replace a
bunch of them all at once while the road is closed with colored stamped
concrete. It still looks comparable, but it’s all one pour of concrete and it
should last quite a bit longer and not have those bricks popping out like we
have now.” Skiff says crews began working at Midnight Monday morning, and
thanks to cooperative weather have been able to move the project along at a
good pace. He says they are “pretty confident” the Friday deadline to re-open
the road will be in place. Skiff says other work, including maintenance to the
Johnson Street Bridge is taking place during the closure to try and get as much
work done as possible while the opportunity presents itself.

The section of Johnson Street between Hickory Street and
Peters Avenue will also see crosswalk replacement take place, although Skiff
says traffic will still be allowed on that section during the project. “There,
the roadway is wide enough where our guys can work on the south half while the
north half has both sections of traffic, and vice-versa,” he said. Skiff adds
that the majority of concrete pouring work on that stretch will be done next
week, as their primary focus is to re-open the section between Hickory and Main
Street as soon as possible.