FDL Reads Author Struck By Genius

The author of the book selected for the Fond du Lac Reads program literally was struck by genius. Jason Padgett was mugged outside a bar in 2002 suffering severe head trauma. While recovering he discovered he suddenly understood math, something he had difficulty with before. He saw images, which it turned out were fractals. He thought he might be going crazy until he saw a TV show featuring an interview with Savant Syndrome expert Dr. Darold Treffert of Fond du Lac. Padgett says Treffert was with a savant who described what numbers look life and he was relieved he wasn’t the only one who saw things that way. Padgett’s book “Struck By Genius: How a Brain Injury Made Me a Mathematical Marvel” has been optioned for a movie that will star Channing Tatum. His fractal art is world famous. Padgett gave two talks in Fond du Lac this week sponsored by the Treffert Center. He says there were a lot of good questions during those talks. You can see the talk Padgett and Dr. Treffert did at the Library at the library’s website.

Pictured Dr. Darold Treffert with Jason Padgett.