FDL Runner Will Never Forget First Boston Marathon

Jean Rusch of Fond du Lac had just finished running in her first Boston Marathon when the first of two explosions happened Monday. She says she finished the race 43 seconds before the first explosion went off near the finish line. The euphoria of finishing the race quickly became surprise, then panic. She wasn’t sure at first what the explosion was. She says the second explosion left little doubt the first explosion was no accident. Rusch began looking for her husband who was supposed to meet her at the finish line. She ended up finding him in the family meeting area about 10 minutes later. They ended up walking back to their hotel, which was 6 miles from the finish line. By profession she’s a nurse and she says race officials, police and fire, and emergency workers did a good job of responding in a horrible situation. Rusch and her husband weren’t able to call home for hours and tell their kids they were fine. She was one of four runners from Fond du Lac who safely ran in the marathon. To hear Bob Hoffmaster’s interview with Jean click on the following.

4-18-13 Jean Rusch on Boston Marathon Experience