FDL Salvation Army Red Kettle Campaign Needs Donations

The Red Kettles hold  $74,621.00; 46% of the $160,000 2016 Red Kettle Goal. With two weeks left,  Society Insurance and Osborn & Son Trucking challenge the community to match their $6000 donation the week of December 12-17.

The Salvation Army Red Kettle Goal is $10,000 higher than last year.    It reflects, in part, the additional community needs The Salvation Army stepped up to serve.  November 1, The Salvation Army Warming Shelter opened and brought its first three guests in from the cold.  The shelter offers meals, showers and laundry privileges and more, according to one guest, “You got me off the streets, gave me a chance to clean up, sleep inside on clean sheets where it’s warm, and safe.  I feel human.”   Plummeting temperatures cause a steady spike in shelter numbers; Manager Amber Bowe anticipates at least 30 nightly guests by December 13.  

The Salvation Army opened its shelter just weeks after getting the final approval, and launched its annual Red Kettle Campaign just three days after.  Two large endeavors, made possible because of  community support.  “We’re blessed – when we need help and ask, help comes,” Captain Steven Wilson says.

Eighteen Red Kettles and 87 mini counter kettles dot the County, asking for the help The Salvation Army needs to continue to be the resource FdL community increasingly counts on it to be.  The food pantry served a staggering 1,020 families in November.

 “More and more families come to us for help with food, housing, utilities, even hygiene items. Many who’ve never had to depend on others for anything, now come to us,” Captain Steven Wilson said.  Donate directly to the Red Kettles or before via mail or in person at The Salvation Army, 237 N. Macy Street. Earmark checks “Red Kettle Match Donation.” Text FDLKETTLE to 71777.  Contact The Salvation Army to make a large donation and arrange a match day.

Pictured: Kettle matches come in every size.  A man known only as “Mike” visited Kitz &Pfeil True Value, 40 E. 1st St. actively rallied donations for the little Red Kettle perched aside the checkout, then matched the $131 he’d collected. Pictured are Kitz & Pfeil Manager Kay Schustedt & Salvation Army Advisory Board member John Pellitier. Pellitier coordinates 87 mini Red Kettles for The Salvation Army at Christmas.