FDL SB Approves Acuity Grand Fund Awards And Tours STEM School

Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent Jim Sebert says each year the School Board takes great pride in deciding the winners of the Acuity Fund Grant Awards. The Board made their decisions during a workshop Monday and then approved the $26,418 that will go to fund grants for this year’s winners. He says he and Board members go to the various schools to award the grants in person. He says the winners will be notified before the end of the school year. He says there is an element of secrecy involved. The money comes from interest on the original $500,000 Acuity paid for naming rights for the High School Field House plus the donation of a year’s salary Board member Linda Uselmann receives for attending Board meetings. The Board also toured the STEM School as they consider renewing a 5 year contract with the STEM Academy. Sebert says the addition of the STEM Academy and Institute has been a wonderful addition to the school district’s offerings.