FDL School Board Approves Back To School Plan

The proposal….now becomes the plan. That was the decision Wednesday night , as the Fond du Lac School Board voted 4-2 to approve the Back to School plans that were presented earlier in the week by Interim Superintendent Sharon Simon. Simon told KFIZ news the blended model that will be in place for both the middle schools and the high school, while beneficial for the students, is also challenging. 

“The Blended Plan is the most difficult to execute, but we believe it also gives us the best plan to provide for social distancing and ensuring student safety.” Under that plan, high school students would be broken up into two groups, with one group in class in person Monday and Tuesday, and remote learning Wednesday-Friday. The other group would be remote learning Monday-Wednesday, and then be on campus Thursday and Friday. Wednesday would be the “deep cleaning” day. The elementary students will attend full time. 

Simon tells KFIZ they also need to have options, just in case the numbers begin to reflect that the current plans don’t work as well as expected. And as everyone knows, this year has been anything but normal. And Simon knows the district also needs to go with the flow somewhat. “We hope we don’t have to move between the models, as we’d like to keep the consistency in place for students, staff and families. We just need to be flexible, as it will all be based on the numbers.” 

Students in grades 5k through 12th grade will return to school on September 1st. The first day of school for Early Childhood to 4k will be September 2nd.