FDL School Board Approves Food Share Table Idea at Woodworth MS

Students at Woodworth Middle School in Fond du Lac will be
testing out a Food Share Table in the near future after the idea got approval
from the Fond du Lac School Board this week. The board unanimously gave
approval to the idea, which will begin its trial run at Woodworth and could expand

Fond du Lac Schools Superintendent Jim Sebert explains
more about the concept. “If you take your lunch and you have some pre-packaged,
un-opened items that you are not going to eat – you can take it and put it on
the share table,” Sebert said. “An adult watches the share table, and then
other kids – if they are hungry or looking for something else to eat, can go up
and take items from the share table so you have less waste.”

The state Department of Public Instruction required
approval by the school board before the table could be put into use. Only food
provided by the district’s food service provider, Aramark, can be shared on the
share table.