FDL School Board Approves Hiring Of Security Officers At High School

The Fond du Lac School Board voted Monday night to approve spending $150,000 to hire up to 4 unarmed security officers.

Jennifer Lucas has a student at Fond du Lac High School and says she approves of the additional security being added. “If you need additional security, I’m here to support that. Kids deserve to feel safe in this school. You want kids to be able to learn. I would think they should be able to go to the bathroom during the day, have lunch during the day, I feel like they can be in the hallways and change books.

Lucas also applauded Dr. Jeffrey Fleig and the board for taking the lead. “I appreciate you leading, seeming to actually bring some authority. The teachers here have been fantastic and I just think they need a strong leader.”

The $150,000 investment will be pulled from the School District’s general operating budget. Almost a dozen students were suspended following the fight which occurred October 5.