FDL School Board Discusses SRO Program In Closed Session

The Fond du Lac School Board Monday night continued discussions in closed session about negotiations with the Police Department over the School Resource Officer program. Currently the School District and Police Department split the costs 50-50 for the five officers for a 12-month period. District Superintendent Jim Sebert says they are pleased with the program, but are looking at the finances for it. He says, “They have a great working relationship with the Police Department so that won’t change, just the way that it looks and it is funded might.” There is a school resource officer in each of the three middle schools and two at the high school. Altogether those schools have more than 3,500 students. Sebert says, “They can be really be helpful in terms of they are great role models. They develop relationships with the kids, they are in classrooms. They certainly handle the challenges we may have in the schools from time-to-time as well. They are just really exciting role models to have so we are grateful for the program.”