FDL School Board Discusses Transgender Considerations

du Lac Schools Superintendent Jim Sebert says they would like to be all
conclusive when it comes to their anti-discrimination policy. The board last
night discussed Transgender considerations. He says a group of transgender
students would like the District to include the terms “gender identity” and
“gender” included in the policy. As for bathroom and locker room access, he
says that’s a fluid conversation at the federal and state levels. He says the
District needs to have a full picture of what is going with those federal and
state conversations. He says the scenarios out there are undetermined at this
point as to what their outcome will be.  He
says lawsuits are pending on both sides of the issue. He says on one side there
are lawsuits from transgenders that are not being allowed to use the restroom of
there choice, while there are others who want to protect their privacy rights.
Sebert says while things are worked out by state and federal legislators, and
in the courts, the school district has to figure out how to currently handle