FDL School Board Passes 2019 Budget

The Fond du Lac
School Board signed off on final approval for the 2019 district budget this
Superintendent Jim Sebert expects it to allow them to do
more for students and staff in the district. 

He tells us “it’s an
absolutely great budget, it allows us to do great things for kids, it allows us
to do great things for our staff – and ultimately it’s going to decrease the
mill rate, which is the amount people pay on their school property tax, by
55-cents – so $55 dollars per hundred-thousand.”

Sebert says that’s not the only change coming in the next
year either. He points out that 
“there’s an
increase in state aid of about two-percent. There’s an increase in property
value in the Fond du Lac School District communities of 3.67-percent, so that’s
good for everybody. And our enrollment is slightly down, but our summer school
enrollment has been way up. So that kind of helps offset it a little bit.
There’s just a lot to be proud of here and there’s a lot of things we’ll be
able to continue to do.”

Sebert adds that there will also be a “CPI allowable 2.13-percent raise for our support staff. They’ve already done that for our teachers and professional educators. It’s really nice when you’re in a position to have a budget that allows you to do great things for kids but also take care of the people that do those great things for the kids.”