FDL School Board Recount Could Cost District $5,000

The elections are over, but the recounts continue. Last week was the Waupun School board, and today it’s Day 2 of the Fond du Lac School Board recount.

Joe Guyette lost to Susan Jones for the final spot on the School Board by a total of 17 votes, and requested the recount. Fond du Lac County Clerk Lisa Freiberg tells KFIZ News she was surprised that Mr. Guyette didn’t show up for Day 1, and said she assumed “if you are requesting a recount because you felt something was incorrect with the results from the election, you would at least show up and see how the process was done.”  

The recount is not free, with Freiberg estimating the School District will be paying between $3,500-$5,000 once the recount is completed. Freiberg says there are about 20 people reconciling each report, and counted by hand which is very time consuming.

Freiberg also said there were no observers either, and reiterated this is open to the public for observing, and thought for people who don’t trust the machines or Elections, this would be a prime opportunity to observe the process. The recount is expected to finish up by Wednesday at the latest, with over 10,000 ballots being counted.