FDL School District Acuity Fund Grant Recipients Announced

The Fond du Lac School District Board of Education recently reviewed and authorized the annual Fond du Lac School District Acuity Fund grant recipients.

The Fond du Lac School District Acuity Fund supports new and innovative programs and projects proposed by staff members for their students. Staff members learned that their project was receiving an Acuity Fund grant through a surprise visit to their classroom by Board of Education President Mark Henschel, Clerk Linda Uselmann, Treasurer Antonio Godfrey, Sr., along with Board members Brittany Hoerth and Tim Weddle.

The District Acuity Fund became possible via money earned on funds paid to the District by Acuity for naming rights of the Fond du Lac High School Fieldhouse.

For the current school year, a total of $33,687.92 was available; $32,210.32 via the fund, which is held for the District by the Fond du Lac Area Foundation, and $1,477.60 which was donated by Board member Linda Uselmann.

The following Technology proposals were funded:
• Project Grill – Eric Ciha at Fond du Lac High School – $5,264.37
• Rosenow Robotics – Melissa Costello and Justin Lloyd at Rosenow Elementary School – $4,595.00
• 3D Modeling: Bringing Math and Science to Life – Joshua Gulbronson and Sarah Ludwig at Woodworth Middle School – $2,291.00
• Dremel 3D45 3D Printers – Greg Staerzl at Fond du Lac High School – $3,998.00
• Laser Engraver for the Woodworking Lab – Bill Stangl at Fond du Lac High School -$1,523.12

The following Non-Technology proposals were funded:
• CNC HD 510 Shark – Lance Broske at Woodworth Middle School – $3,999.99
• Water Distiller – Erin Davies at Fond du Lac High School – $1,400.00
• Emotions, Acceptance & Kindness – Amanda Fenhouse at Evans Elementary School -$421.44
• Rosenow Bookworm Vending Machine Project – Barb Korneli-Krueger at Rosenow Elementary School – $5,840.00
• Regulation Station: Sensory Path – Sarah Kraus and Julie Rusch at Waters Elementary School $1,305.00
• Switch Adapted Toys – Karen Moehn and Lisa Dunham at Rosenow Elementary School – $800.00
• Fine Motor Fitness – Amy Monka at Chegwin Elementary School – $2,250.00

The Board of Education provides the funding to these innovative educators outside the District’s regular operating budget.