FDL School District Announces Make Up Days for Recent Weather Closings

Students in the Fond du Lac School
District will be seeing make-up days later this spring to account for two
recent snow days. The district announced over the weekend that snow days on
January 23
rd & January 28th will be made up with full days of school on Friday, May
th and Wednesday, June 5th and a half day on Thursday, June 6th. Days where school was cancelled on January 30th and 31st will not be made up, because a 2013 state law change no
longer requires 180 days of student contact. Districts are required to meet the
necessary hours requirement in accordance with state statutes, but is not
forced to make up every inclement weather day if the required hours are met. The
district says it has enough instructional hours built in to the schedule to
meet state requirements, and any additional days where school is closed will be
made up by using existing instructional minutes or adding minutes to the
current calendar.