FDL School District Becoming A Mindfully Active Community

Have you noticed how physical activity has taken a back seat to screen time for young people? Are you discovering that it’s difficult to get youths to eat fruits and vegetables? Those are certainly not uncommon occurrences when it comes to the behavior of today’s kids as data indicates inactivity and poor eating habits are part of a growing trend.

To address these fitness and nutritional challenges, a team of Fond du Lac School District staff, CESA 6 personnel, and community partners wrote a grant and were fortunate to receive one of only sixteen coveted Carol M. White PEP grants awarded across the United States. With this $1.2 million 3-year project, the Fond du Lac School District physical education staff, the project director, Dru Mitchell, the grant advisory board, and participating community partners intend to help students reverse the unhealthy habits that are being exhibited in our culture.

The objective of Fond du Lac’s Mindfully Active Community (MAC), which kicked off on February 6 with the data compilation phase, is to motivate Fond du Lac citizens to embrace an identity as a community of movers. To that end, developing strong community partnerships, implementing secondary school intramural programs, and enhancing the nutritional component of the K-12 curriculum, will be the driving forces behind MAC.  MAC will also utilize new technologies for assessing heart rate, provide teachers and recess supervisors with cutting-edge professional development, and increase participation in exercise-focused activities that are already in place such as Girls on the Run and the Cardinal 100.

Some of the local partnerships that will be essential to the success of MAC include the Fond du Lac Recreation Department which will add new activities and opportunities throughout the life of the grant. They will also assist with coordinating events that will encourage family participation.

Another partner, Agnesian HealthCare, will be providing various educational workshops for elementary students covering timely health topics and presentations for middle school students focused on screen time management. Many other local businesses and organizations will be offering discounts to students and families for bowling, windsurfing, golfing, yoga, kettle bell training, sailing, and dance lessons as well as discounted equipment purchases and providing workshops on bicycle maintenance.

“The Fond du Lac School District fully supports MAC’s commitment to addressing unhealthy behaviors related to inactivity and poor diet within our student population. Our District is committed to changes in policies, practices, and system infrastructure in order to encourage and promote healthy lifestyles that will, of course, benefit our students as individuals but will also carry long-lasting effects into our community as a whole,” stated Dr. James Sebert, Superintendent of Schools.

If you are or your organization is interested in getting involved in Fond du Lac School District’s MAC project, please contact Dru Mitchell at 920-929-2740 ext. 3118 or [email protected]

In the photo:

Cameron Britton, a graphic arts student at Fond du Lac High School, displays the MAC logo he designed for the project. In creating the design he incorporated strength and motion with the concept of MAC at the core keeping the design clean and simple so that it is easily recognizable.