FDL School District Continues Progress on Referendum Construction Plans

The Fond du Lac School District continues to move forward
with renovation plans that are part of the $98.5 million-dollar referendum that
voters passed in April. Superintendent Jim Sebert tells us some of the early
work will begin over Christmas Break in the four schools that make up “phase
one” of the project. “We’ll be doing a portion of the asbestos abatement in the
four phase one schools – Chegwin, Waters, Pier and Theisen,” Sebert said. “So,
we’ll be able to get a start on that – and by the time we get to January, we’ll
start the bidding process for the work that will happen in renovating those
schools over the summer months.”

Sebert says that by March construction work on new secure
entrances at Waters, Chegwin and Theisen will begin, with the bulk of construction projects
at other schools happening next summer. Phase Two of the referendum projects is
scheduled for summer of 2021, with Phase Three scheduled in Summer of 2022.